Order fulfilment for Magento 2

Optimization of the order management workflow in an eCommerce store can be a real challenge. Reviewing order details, editing products added to an order, changing shipping/billing details, modifying customers’ personal info - this is just a small part of what you may need to do when dealing with orders' data.

The renewed order fulfillment procedure is divided into 5 steps. First of all, you should verify orders. Next, there is time for fulfillment preparation. It is necessary to pick items related to each order. As for two other steps, they are items packing and delivery. Note that the “Verify Orders” step can be disabled.

Besides, multiple orders can be assigned to batch. To make the process more clear, the MagespaceX Order Fulfillment extension provides the ability to add tags and notes related to each order. The edge of each order in each step can be recorded as well. As a result, you can filter orders by such parameters as ID, date, total value, status, recipient, batch, and tags. Printing documents, scanning items, and taking package photos are possible within the module. Email notifications for customers can be fine-tuned and send automatically!

As for order listing, the Magespacex Order Fulfillment Magento 2 extension lets you create new orders right in the Order Fulfillment section, deactivate default Magento shipping, as well as customize order tags.

It is also necessary to mention that the module offers a detailed dashboard with 5 chart types and 4 kinds of reports. You can select a time range, print reports, as well as download them in multiple formats.

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Have high volume of sales orders & worry about messy shipments? You should have an effective order management strategy in order to save costs and gain profits.

Order Fulfillment is one module for Magento 2, which helps you easily keep track of order-fulfilling process in the backend. With default Order Fulfillment, tons of your orders can be managed easily.

How to check order fulfillment

Have high volume of sales orders & worry about messy shipments? Then Order Fulfillment for Magento 2 is the perfect solution for your problem! From now on, you can easily prepare shipments in 5 simple steps:

  1. Verify orders
  2. Check stock availability
  3. Pick items
  4. Pack items
  5. Delivery packages

Order fulfillment dashboard

To have an overview of your order fulfillment process, you go to Fulfillment > Dashboard. On the Overview Dashboard, you can see 5 charts which offer you the summary of Order Fulfillment. They are:

• Orders by status report

• Orders by day report

• Orders by carriers report

• Picked requests by day report

• Packed requests by day report

With this Magento 2 module, you can custom time range, print or download each report in multiple forms: PNG image, JPEG image, PDF document and SVG vector image.

Custom time range

Five steps to manage order fulfillment

Order Fulfillment allows you to create new orders right in this module by going to Fulfillment > All Orders (in Order Listing section). Choose Create a new order button then enter required information to create new orders.

Create new order button

After a new order is created, you can go to Fulfillment tab to manage that order shipment according to 5 default steps.

Verify order

Go to the Verify Orders tab. This page will list all orders that need to be verified. This verification step allows you to verify, hold or cancel orders. This step is optional so if it is not useful for your business, you can turn it off by going to Fulfillment > Order Configuration and choose No in Enable Verify Order Step field.

Enable Verify Order Step field

Click on Process Verify button of each order you want to verify, contact customers to double check all information, then choose Mark as verified button like the screenshot below:

Mark as verified button

You can also hold this order if it cannot be verified at this time. After that, the order will be moved to next step so that you can prepare for fulfillment before picking and packing items. Go to the next step by clicking on the Prepare Fulfillment tab.

There are many extra options helping you verify orders better:

• Batch:

Users can create batches to mark orders they are verifying. Staffs are not allowed to see orders in the batch created by others. They see orders in the batch they create and orders which are not in any batches.

Admin has permission to check orders information and staff in batches.


Choose Process Verify button to add each order to a batch or add orders to a batch in mass.

Move to batch action

Order Batch in this number can be kept the same as in Prepare Fulfillment step. To configure this option, go to Fulfillment > Order Configuration and choose Yes/No in Keep Order Batch Number after verified field.

Keep Order Batch Number after verified field

• Tag:

Many orders may have the same situation and you can save time on verifying them by Tag options. Each tag can be modified to fit your business model (including color and title for each tag. Go to Fulfillment > Order Configuration and follow the image below:

customize tag

There are 2 ways to add tags for an order: Enter tags in line or Add tags via Process Verify button. Adding tags for orders in mass is also allowed.

add tags in line

add tag in mass

• Notes:

In this system, you can clarify orders by noting extra information. As usual, notes can be added right in line or via Process Verify button.

add notes in line

add notes in order details

Orders with notes have highlighted icons: highlighted icon

• Filter:

This step allows you to find orders easily by filtering them on Total value, Created date, ID, Recipient, Status, Batch & Tags


• Print:

In this step, you can print the list of orders which need to be verified. Tick to choose orders and select Print in mass actions

print action

Prepare Fulfillment

After being verified, order will be moved to this step – Prepare Fulfillment. This verification step allows you to separate orders into 2 groups based on inventory availability: The ones that have all items in stock (Request pick from warehouses) & the ones that lack some of items (Back order). Thus, you can know the priority of which orders can be fulfilled first. Follow these steps to prepare fulfillment for your orders

Step 1: Click on Fulfill button of the order you want to prepare fulfillment then the request will appear.

Step 2: Choose the suitable Shipping Channel (Request pick from warehouses / Back order) and select Add Products to Request button.

Step 3: Products in this order will automatically listed. Tick to choose product and enter the order Qty. After that, click on Add Selected Product(s) to Request button. In case, there are both available and out-of-stock items, choose Add Fulfillment Request to create another request for the order.

Step 4: Do not forget to save all your work.

In Prepare Fulfillment step, you can use batch, tag and note as in Verify Orders step. In case, some orders need to be re-verified, you can get them back to Verify Orders step.

5 step order fulfillment

As for Print option, you should print documents for the next step, including invoices, packing slips, credit memos & shipping labels. It is allowed to print all kinds of document with only one click.

print options

Picking Items

On the Picking Items dashboard, you have a picking list and pick all items of these orders easily. Just follow 3 following steps:

  • Select the warehouse to pick items
  • Choose one or many orders to pick items
  • Pick items for each order

Step 1: Select the warehouse to pick items

Each staff is assigned to warehouse. Firstly, you need choose the warehouse you are about to work with.

Step 2: Choose order(s) to pick items

After being fulfillment-prepared, orders will be directly moved to this tab. You can view detail of each order and pick items for it. Another way to choose orders is that scanning the pick ID: Click on Scan Picked Orders button and scan the pick ID to get orders. After the order is found, products in this order will be shown with Qty to pick.

Field to enter Scan Pick ID

Step 3: Pick items for each order

Picking List is able to be printed in this step. There are 2 options of Picking List: Group by Pick # & Group by Product. You can pick items for many orders at once by selecting multiple orders when printing picking list.

Print Picking List options

Pick items and scan their barcode to keep Picked Qty is the same as Qty To Pick. Although it is not recommended, you can manually click on plus buttons or Mark as Picked / Mark Picked All Items to finish picking items for an order. After that, the order will be automatically moved to Pack Items step.

Mark as Picked / Mark Picked All Items buttons

If you have a product barcode attribute, you can select it as the product barcode. To configure this, go to Fulfillment > Fulfillment Configuration and configure Product Attribute.

Product Attribute field

In Pick Items step, you can use batch as in Verify Orders step. In case, some orders need to be re-verified, you can get them back to Verify Orders step.

Packing Items

In the dashboard of packing items, each order will be packed with its items. Follow these 4 steps to manage this:

  • Select the warehouse to pack items
  • Choose one or many orders to pack items
  • Recheck item Qty of each order
  • Pack items into package

Step 1: Select the warehouse to pack items

Each staff is assigned to warehouse. Firstly, you need choose the warehouse you are assigned.

Step 2: Choose order(s) to pack items

After you complete picking items, orders will be directly moved to this tab. You can view detail of each order and pack items for it. Another way to choose orders is that scanning the pick ID. After the order is found, its pack request information will be shown.

Pack Items tab

Step 3: Recheck item Qty of each order

To keep everything work in the right way, you should recheck item Qty of each order. You can do this quickly by scanning item barcode or manage this step manually by select plus buttons.

Scan item barcode field

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