Customer Activation Extension for Magento 1

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Customer Activation Extension Features

Enable to approve new accounts
As you know, the default of Magento activates new accounts automatically and does not allow admins to decline them, which sometimes bring inconvenience in customer management. However, Magento Customer Approval extension totally solves that issue. The module gives store owners an ability to control customer account creation conveniently in Customer grid in the backend.

Show pending and disapproved messages
After a customer creates a new account, there will be a Pending message showing up. If his account is rejected, then when he signs in, a declined notice will be displayed. In addition, store owners enable to edit these notice messages as they want.

Send an email to admin when a new account is created
The module allows admin to set many email addresses received notified emails about new accounts, hence, there are multi recipients who can get the notifications.

Send an announcement email to customers when their account is approved/disapproved
Admins can choose which email templates they want to send customers when approving or disapproving accounts.

Add an activation status attribute for customers information in the backend
an activation status attribute for customers information in the backend
From the admin panel, navigate to Customers, there is an activation status attribute including Pending, Approved and Disapproved. Going to Account Information, there is also a status attribute for that account.

Support mass actions to approve or disapprove customer accounts at ease
Magento Customer Approval extension allows admins to accept or reject multiple accounts quickly in the backend.

Why Is Magento Customer Approval Extension Your Must-Have Extension?
Good for customer accounts management
Magento Customer Approval extension helps you to control customer accounts logged in your website instead of the default automatic activation. This is pretty useful when you want to verify the detailed information of customers before giving them access to your Magento site. Hence the module is totally suitable for wholesale websites.

Reasonable price with simple configuration
The module is quite simple to configure. Moreover, this extension has a reasonable price comparing to other extensions having same features.

Magento Customer Approval extension supports admin to approve customer accounts to be activated.
  • Enable to approve new accounts automatically
  • Show pending and disapproved messages
  • Send emails to admin when new accounts created
  • Send emails to customers when their accounts are approved/disapproved
  • Add an activation status attribute for customers in the backend: Pending, Approved and Disapproved
More Information
User Guide N/A
Type: Development
Updated: 12/12/2017
Compatible with 1.8, 1.9
License License for 1 Magento Installation (including multi store setup)
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