Reward Points  Program for Magento 1 and 2 Stores

Customer loyalty reflects the willingness of making their return to purchase at your store again and again. Have you ever taken into account of diving in loyalty campaign? How you can keep their feet come back as a sign of positive user experience, a good thumb for both ends?

Reward Point(s) is a type of unit that consumers can yield from every money they’ve spent by cash, executing transactions or swiping your Credit Card. The exchange value will be offered differently to be flexible with store’s intentions. For example, shop A defines that every $10 spent customers will earn 1 point, with every 10 points you can own a small gift, or you can save the point to buy products again. These reward token can be fostered as an alternative payment method to use them again in that store, or be exchanged under the form of vouchers, charity, bonus gift, etc.

How your store benefits from Reward Points?

This kind of marketing structure hits the right spot thanks to its applicable strength, especially it’s prevalent amongst supermarket systems where customers take their shopping daily. Take a look to learn how Reward Points engine brings up to your marketing management:

  • Why point-based system can increase the conversion rate easily and keep them excited in earning and spending on your store.
  • Facing difficulties in recruiting new customers? This step takes more time and costs more than upholding current customers due to the running commercial fee, operating salesperson cost, etc. Executing Reward Points system would save your day brightly while you have to afford all labor tasks.
  • By cheering them up with an offer like “Share this post to your wall under the public mode, you will get 10 point(s) to use at our boutique”, another brilliant strategy to promote your brand in the social media life.
  • Refresh and consolidate the purchasing process, like a new kind of recall/note communication between store owners and consumers.
  • Reward Points, working as a loyalty program, will increase your customer engagement. The more benefits they see, the more interest they get from your store. This will convert one-time buyers to loyal customers who shop on your store regularly.
  • Last but not least, it’s a lovely way to say “Thank you, we’re waiting for your return :)”

Help them out by indicating the possible earn point(s) if they buy this item, besides product pages. Ah, not only Product Page View, but also show indicator messages up on Category pages, Add to Cart pages, Mini Cart pages.

And more features will assist you how to think outside of the box:

  • Set up earning/spending rate flexible.
  • Transaction management interface.
  • Able to change point(s) icon.
  • Decide reward point(s) can be refunded or not.
  • Point spending restrictions.
  • Specify rewards for each of customer groups.
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