Along with the fast development of advanced technology, e-commerce has been increasingly popular in the market place. Therefore, there are several tools, applications, extensions, and so on to support the work of online merchants. Among these supporting tools, a product recommendation engine is highly appreciated by users because of numerous advantages as following:

Personalize every customer’s web experience
One of the greatest benefits of applying a product recommendation to a product page is generating an individual web experience for every web browser. Typically, people have a tendency to have the good feeling with the company that gives them more attention. In other words, customers all expect to receive special care from online stores. With support from product recommendation engines, online store system can track all customer shopping behaviors and set up personal mode for every consumer. It means that, when a web browser visits your web page, he can have a bundle of products and recommendations from customers who already purchased your products. Besides, visitors are also supported to see a wide range of best seller items.

Auto Related Products

Furthermore, after a consumer decides to buy a product, a product recommendation engine such as RELATED PRODUCT EXTENSION will offer him different choices related to his products or his interest. For example, after purchasing an Iphone X, consumers will see recommendations about earphones or cases for their phone. All the keywords used by consumers are saved to build up their own personal experiences and shop owners do not need to waste their time finding related products or setting up.

Select the best products with minimal effort
Auto Related Products

An online merchant may sell hundreds or thousands of items; however, only a few among them work effectively. With the help of a product recommendation engine, a short list of most popular products with buyers will be created. In other words, a product recommendation engine is a multi-task taker who helps admins to analyze product performance and purchase pattern to finalize the best choices. Shop owners, as a result, can depend on this list to generate their better inventory to attract shopping doers.

Increase Customer Loyalty
Auto Related Products

Customer loyalty is integral part in any company’s targets since a number of instant consumers will help an enterprise to go through thick and thin. Moreover, these customers when being happy with both products and services offered have a tendency to recommend the company to their friends, who may be ideal buyers in the future. If a brand wants to raise customer loyalty, they need to treat every target customer as special one or instead make them feel valued. Using a product recommendation such as related product extension in this case is the best choice for any e-commerce enterprise. For every customer, they will receive a suggestion for products which are “just for” them via store website or their emails. This is an intelligent strategy that makes every shop buyer feel that they are important and they want to continue business with this store.

In summary, a product recommendation engine is vital to any online merchant to survive and perform well in the market place. Automatic related products extension is the product recommendation engine that is definitely necessary for every e-commerce enterprise. If you want to find more about how remarkably this extension can support your online store

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